Weekly Torah Teachings

Bereshit - Genesis

Bereshit - Brother's Keeper

Noah - Wisdom and Vexation

Lekh Lekha - To Be a Blessing

Vayera - Justice and Prayer

Hayyei Sarah - Blessed in All

Toldot - Wealth and Power

Va-Yeitzei - God in Unexpected Places

Va-Yishlakh - Who's to Blame

Va-Yeisheiv - Praising Good Deeds

Miketz - Emotional Impact of Poverty

Va-Yigash - Servant Leadership

Va-Yechi - Creating Worlds 

Sh'mot - Exodus

Sh'mot - Power and Gentleness

Va-era  - Study & Service in Conflict

Bo - Human Initiative

Bishallach - Celebrating our Enemies' Defeat

Yitro - Encountering God's Image

Mishpatim - Justice & Religion

Terumah - Inclusive Mishkan Building

Tetzaveh - Kinds of Service

Ki Tissa - Brokenness and Wholeness 

Va-Yakhel - Rest Even from Sacred tasks

Pekudei - Revolutionary Mirrors

Vayikra - Leviticus

Vayikra - Today's altars

Tzav - Robbery and Worship

Shmini - Warfare and Worship

Tazria - Wealth and Access

Metzorah - Market Intervention

Aharei Mot - The Meaning of Well Being

Kedoshim - Equal Justice

Emor - Our Messengers Ourselves

Behar - Harsh Labor

Behukotai - Break the Bars of the Yoke

Bamidbar - Numbers

Bemidbar - Danger in the Holy

Naso - Crime and Punishment

Be-ha'alotekha - How to Stop a Prophet

Shelakh - Centering the Margins

Korach - Populist Demagogue

Hukkat - For the Sake of Peace

Balak - Boil it Down for Me

Pinchas - No Two Alike

Matot-Masei - Lots of Stuff

Devarim - Deuteronomy 

Devarim - Arbitration

Va-Etchanan - Study and Practice

Ekev - Stealing from God

Shoftim - Justice Pursue

Ki Teitzei - In God's Image

Ki Tavo - Altar as Symbol of Peace

Nitzavim - Work as Life

Haazinu - Jewish Aesthetics

VeZot HaBerakha - Fulfilling Torah

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I learned so much about who I am as a person, how I can create positive social change by just interacting on a personal level to the people I work with, and about my own connection to doing Jewish social justice work." 

Rebecca Ratner2010-2011 Corps Member