You will need three references to apply to AVODAH's Jewish Service Corps. These references are an integral part of your application package and AVODAH does not consider an application complete until we receive all references.

In the application, you will be asked to list the names and email addresses of your three references. Please ask your references if they are willing to serve in this capacity before you enter their contact information in your application.

The following are acceptable to use as references:
  • Someone who supervised you when you held either a paid or volunteer position, such as any type of full-time or part-time job, a summer internship or internship during the school year, teaching assistant position, etc.
  • Someone who served in a leadership role such as short-term service trip leader or a professional who served as a student group advisor.
The following are not acceptable to use as references:
  • Family members or close family friends
  • Peers
  • Professors, academic advisors, or teachers unless they know you in a supervisory capacity

What if I need to change one of my references, but I've already submitted my application?

Contact Russ Agdern, our Recruitment and Outreach Coordinator at [email protected] and he will contact your reference for you.



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I'm so happy that I decided to join AVODAH. I'm living in a wonderful household, and I'm getting valuable work experience at my placement. Not only am I learning a lot on a practical level, but I'm constantly learning from the people I live and work with. I think I've grown a lot as a person."

Elissa Martel2011-2012 Corps Member