Outreach and Fundraising

During the summer before Corps Members move into their batim (houses), they help increase awareness of AVODAH and raise funds towards supporting the program. During the summer, Corps Members fundraise for AVODAH, setting their own goal with a minimum expectation of $1,500.

We ask Corps Members to fundraise because we believe that knowing how to fundraise is invaluable for people who want to create change. Fundraising is essential to every non-profit organization and knowing how to galvanize people behind a cause you believe in is an important and vital skill.

This opportunity offers a chance to increase awareness about AVODAH among corps members' friends and family who might not otherwise know about the program. The money raised serves to sustain the AVODAH program.


Frequently Asked Questions about Fundraising:

Where does the money I raise go?

Your fundraising will help support the work of AVODAH. Specifically, fundraising enables: 

  • AVODAH Corps Members across 4 cities to work at front-line antipoverty organizations.
  • Each antipoverty organization to save an average of $18,000 per Corps Member. AVODAH subsidizes the rent and other living costs of Corps Members.
  • Providing intensive educational programs for participants to support leadership development, skills building, and Jewish exploration.
  • Engaging young people in social change issues and learning about Judaism's connection to social justice.

Some of the larger things AVODAH pays for include subsidizing rent for your houses, paying for educational programming during the year, and paying the staff it takes to make that happen. Smaller items we pay for include food and resource packets. 


Is acceptance into AVODAH contingent on reaching my fundraising goal?

We have learned that each corps member will reach different fundraising goals. We support you in your efforts so that this initiative is a rich learning process. Each year over half our Corps Members exceed the minimum fundraising goal, while others, despite their best effort, do not meet their goals.

AVODAH is grateful for all the work our Corps Members put into their outreach and fundraising initiatives. We do not exclude anyone from the program for not meeting their fundraising goal.


Why do this over the summer?

Corps Members are busy during their year in AVODAH between working full-time and participating in the AVODAH community. It is not realistic to ask Corps Members to add fundraising and outreach to their other responsibilities. We have found that incoming Corps Members understand AVODAH’s mission and do a great job of expressing their enthusiasm even before the formal start of the year.


I’ve never done fundraising before. How can I do this successfully?

No need to worry! Our development staff will provide fundraising training, tips, and work closely with you throughout the process.


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My year with AVODAH has given me more than I could have ever asked for. I have been challenged both professionally and personally, but all while having the support of a beautiful and intentional Jewish community. I have grown and learned a lot and am confident I will take my experiences and new friendships with me for the rest of my life as I continue to wrestle with what it means to be a Jew dedicated to social justice and how it is I want to make an impact in this world."

Daniel Weyl2010-2011 Corps Member