Matching Process

Do I need to commit to the program before I join a matching round?

We invite candidates into the matching round if we believe they would be assets to the program. While no contracts are signed until after you have matched with a placement, we ask you to enter a matching round prepared to join if offered a match. We ask this because interviewing is a time-consuming and thoughtful process, and we want to make sure our placement partners are only interviewing applicants who are viable candidates. In addition, we are only able to accommodate a limited number of candidates in each matching round so we want to make sure that each spot is filled by someone fully committed to moving forward with the process.


What if I have several options for next year?

AVODAH understands that people are likely to be pursuing other options for next year as well. We make every attempt to make our matching process transparent so that you can make your choice with as much information as possible. If you have any specific timing issues we encourage you to let us know during the interview process. However, if you do match with a placement organization and sign a contract, we ask that you discontinue any other searches you have been engaged in.


What information will I have to help me rank placement organizations?

We would like you to have as much information about your potential placement position as possible. You will have access to placement position descriptions and links to organizations’ websites. You may also have an opportunity to speak with the corps member currently placed at organizations that you are considering, if applicable.


Do I have to travel to interviews?

Placement agencies conduct all interviews exclusively by phone. You do not need to travel, but you do need to be available by telephone throughout the interview week. If you are going to be away all or part of that week, please let us know right away.


How long does one matching round take?

Each round takes about a week and a half.


How long will I have to decide if I want to accept a position?

Not much time. You will have 24 hours to decide if you want to accept a position, so please be prepared to make a decision soon after you get an offer. We expect our applicants to use the time during the matching round to consider working at the various placements and participating in the program. If one candidate turns down a match, it is likely that another applicant may match with that placement, so it is imperative to be able to make decisions quickly during this process.

We do understand that this is a big decision, and you may be weighing multiple factors as you decide. If you have questions, please feel comfortable discussing them with us.


How many rounds does it usually take to match all applicants?

The number of matching rounds varies from year to year and city to city. In general, there are usually 3-4 matching rounds.


Does anyone get invited into a matching round but not accepted into the program?

Yes. We make every attempt to match our applicants with their top choices. Still, there are instances where applicants are unable to match with a placement agency. You are not accepted until you match with a placement agency and sign a contract.


I have more questions! Who should I contact?

Please get in touch with Recruitment Coordinator Russ Agdern at [email protected].

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