When you're in our Jewish Service Corps, you'll live communally in a house with your fellow Corps Members. We work to place our houses within walking distance of synagogues. Each house, or bayit in Hebrew, is located close to public transportation so that you can commute easily and take advantage of the sights and experiences that your city has to offer.

The bayit is the heart of your AVODAH community. It's where you'll live, learn, celebrate Jewish life, and support one another in your ongoing work. 

Life within the bayit is both enjoyable and challenging. Because we encourage applicants from all parts of the Jewish community, your housemates will have a variety of different observance levels, backgrounds, and perspectives. Often, Corps Members are asked to share rooms to accomodate the number of people in each house. To make it all work, we spend time devoted to community building, conflict resolution, and diversity training.

The sacred work of navigating the dynamics of life in the bayit is about more than just living in a community - you'll be learning the crucial relationship building skills that will help you to thrive in every area of your life. In the words of one of our alumni, “A lot of living in a community is learning how to coexist and understand what is communal and what is individual.”

Forming strong, just, and nurturing communities is the groundwork on which everything else stands: the quality of our Jewish lives, our neighborhoods, and our society. Figuring out how we can build and maintain communities that benefit their members and those who come into contact with them is a major focus of life in the program. 

For more information on life in each city check out: Chicago, New York, New Orleans, and Washington, DC.

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