How Can I Afford This?


Housing, health insurance, a living stipend, and local travel subsidy come together to make a year of service possible.



AVODAH provides furnished, low cost housing for all Corps Members, so you will not have to look for your own housing.


Monthly Living Allowance

Your placement organization will pay you a monthly allowance. Corps Members pay a portion of this allowance to AVODAH to cover basic housing costs, including rent and utilities. The rest of the living allowance is used for things like food, toiletries, health care products, telephone, general household items, and modest social expenditures. The allowance is not designed to cover large expenses such as air travel, school application fees, or out-of-pocket prescription medication costs that exceed $500 per year.

The net monthly stipend varies by city, as follows:


$605/month allowance

$300 for living expenses/$305 to AVODAH for housing


New Orleans

$400/month allowance

$300 for living expenses/$100 to AVODAH for housing


New York City

$875/month allowance

$400 for living expenses/$475 to AVODAH for housing


Washington, DC

$775/month allowance

$325 for living expenses/$450 to AVODAH for housing 


Health Insurance

Your placement organization will provide you health insurance so that you are covered throughout your year in service.


Travel Subsidy

Your placement agency provides a travel subsidy to pay for local public transportation costs.


Americorps Education Award

You may be eligible for the Americorps Education Award of over $5,000 for repayment of students loans or future education. If eligible forAmericorps, you may also be able to defer interest and payments on some student loans during AVODAH. AVODAH is able to provide AmeriCorps education awards to eligible Corps members througha partnership with the The Corps Network.




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Living on a stipend was challenging, fulfilling, and possible. You focus on the work that you are doing, you learn how to be resourceful and how to contribute to the community in a different way.”

Rachel Van Thyn2004-2005 Corps Member