Through their year in AVODAH and their ongoing network, our alumni gain the experience, skills and resources necessary for a lifetime commitment to working for social change. AVODAH's alumni community supports and encourages its members to take leadership roles in that work, to inspire and engage others to work for social change, and to deepen connections between activism and Jewish life that bring vitality and power to both.

AVODAH alumni can be found all over the United States ā€“ and increasingly, all over the world. Currently, regional program officers in New York, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. are collaborating with alumni to create vibrant local communities and to develop a range of educational and social programs, advocacy and service efforts, Shabbat and holiday celebrations, and personal and professional networking opportunities.

There are also growing clusters of AVODAH alumni in other regions, including Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Philadelphia and Seattle.

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When I first applied for AVODAH I was unaware of the extent to which it would impact my life. It has provided me with a community that will grow-through the Alumni Community--and that will continue to support me for years to come. Iā€™m proud to be an alumni member of its board, and do what I can to return that support.ā€

Lani Santo2002-2003 Corps Member